Lotss Uncovered: Love the process

Written by: Prachi Chhabria- Co-founder
Edited by: Team Lotss

The hospitality industry is vast but with one common goal – to serve the customer. An establishment’s staff ranges from different cultures and backgrounds, but are united in their mission to serve. At Lotss, we truly believe that employees are the key to customer satisfaction within the industry. Therefore, apart from bringing them together to serve a purpose, we also want to bring them together technologically. That’s why we are excited to announce our state-of-the-art platform, binding each of these members through our platform.  Mostly, we want them to love the process of working within the industry. We also want to link all members within a hospitality organization, from upper management to line staff, allowing them to engage, communicate, learn, share and gain insights via our platform.

Lotss was designed for today’s ever-expanding workforce, those who are busy in their professional and personal lives. Therefore, our platform is available online and offline for their convenience. We have designed a simple yet diverse range of functions allowing staff to tackle their daily tasks to more complex ones using our technology. We promote the full use of our platform in their everyday work lives to enhance their performance.

For many years, hotels and F&B establishments have tried to implement practices to tackle employee engagement, motivation and accountability, faster learning time, reduction of paper and printing costs and lastly, managerial control over such issues.
Lotss is also constructed for the management of the hospitality industry, designed to collect data on their staff member’s actions, learning, response, accountability and gain insights into their behavior. This ultimately benefits them to alter their strategies to better meet their overall goals.

The near-constant evolution of this industry requires us to take a dynamic approach towards the workforce.  It requires progressing with brand new technology that is especially adapted to deliver results and capture data for efficiency and advancement. Ultimately, the purpose is for each and every partaking member to ‘love the process’ of this progressive solution within his or her daily work.


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