Prioritizing technology for your hotel staff

Written by: Prachi Chhabria- Co-founder
Edited by: Team Lotss

In the last few years, there has been a steady uptick in the use of technology in the hospitality industry. Hotels are investing heavily in guest-facing technologies such as booking engines, mobile apps, digital concierge services, keyless entry systems, beacons, automated check in and check out processes amongst many other, especially for their guests. In a recent New York Times article, Scott Dobroski, who works in corporate communications for Glassdoor, says that, ‘All companies are becoming technology companies to some degree, and this is especially true in the hospitality industry’. While this is definite progress for our industry, it focuses largely on the guest experience and not the employee.

It is certain for most workplaces that employees are the backbone of the company, and satisfied employees make satisfied guests. But that is not the only problem here.

Stefan Tweraser of Snapshot writes about how employees are using multifaceted systems that can affect productivity and even shrink job satisfaction. These systems are so complex that guests are left waiting while employees navigate for information – information that should be mobile, on their fingertips and available at any given point of the day. Maybe there aren’t enough choices or maybe hoteliers suspect that investing in staff technology does not help the bottom-line. But the bottom-line is certainly influenced by employee performance, productivity, behavior, satisfaction, engagement and accountability – all of this can be achieved by simply investing in technology that will produce positive results. The key is to find technology that will save your employee’s time in doing routine tasks with all the required information for a staff member to perform their job, available for their use at any given time of the day along with giving managers access to gather and analyze staff data. It will fit your operations purpose with simplicity in function and adaptability and most importantly, help improve your strategic goals and bottom-line.

By working with developers to customize technology to best suit your property, it allows you to exploit every function for maximum efficiency. With all the technology available at our disposal, do not invest in technology without purpose; rather invest in technology that serves your staff to eventually serve your guests better.




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