Get your colleagues involved and build a strong company culture

Written by: Lucas Peter- Co-founder
Edited by: Team Lotss

It was recently announced that Noma, the two Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen, was making their dishwasher a co-owner of the restaurant.

Having spent a few years in the industry, the news is especially overwhelming for us. More importantly, it also highlights the key factors in making any business a success. Here are some we have been reflecting on:

1) All ingredients are equally important
Ali Sonko, dishwasher at Noma since its’ opening in 2003, demonstrates how every piece of the jigsaw puzzle has a role to play and how all of the pieces are equally important. “I don’t think people appreciate what it means to have someone like Ali in the house,” said Redzepi, the chef who runs Noma. Hotels and restaurants function as teams but it is important to remember that they are, in fact, filled with individuals. Sonko’s monumental promotion is also an indication of a company’s assessment of a team member and their impact. Ask yourself, what would happen if they were not there? What would happen if they were not performing at their best?

At Lotss, we believe that ingredients are equally important and more so knowing the influence and contribution of each towards the final dish. This knowledge benefits your company because when you know your weaknesses, you are better equipped to fix them.

2) Get your colleagues involved
Your colleagues are your family. Not only do you spend most of your time with them, you are also going to progress with them. They are an essential component in achieving your goals and targets, as they too need to believe in a common path to success. Turnover is often cruel in our business – losing staff weekly is common. Additionally, they sometimes leave unhappy because they feel like they do not belong. A key to retaining happy, motivated and loyal staff is to ensure that their goals align with that of your business. This can only result in success.

On motivational blogs or posts, we often read that “the most dangerous sentence in a business is – we have always done it this way.” Now, this statement may have worked well in the past and could also be working in the present but it does pose an intermittent danger to the future of your company. Businesses evolve, as must their processes. This is evidenced by Patrick Doyle’s reinvention of Dominos pizza to make them the second largest pizza chain in the world. Dominos in 2010 was suffering, and Doyle and his colleagues brought about massive changes within the company, only because they came to realize that they are tech company as much as a pizza company, shifting HQ operations to 50% in software and analytics. These changes led to their shift in market position and value.

3) Transparency.
Your staff has an equal right to information. Research depicts that over 50% of the employees are not completely aware of the goings on in their company. By sharing daily news with them, it can greatly reduce time spent going to superiors to obtain information.  At Lotss, we recommend you to listen to the employees and to give them the right tools to express themselves. Use our app to create a daily, weekly or monthly forum with your colleagues. Share daily news with them.

4) Collect ideas.
Your employees often have great ideas. Make those ideas valuable and implement them by sharing them via the app. Organize staff polls to take on the best ideas and analyze the responses. The benefits will soon be seen. After all, you know what they say – the more, the merrier!


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