Are you still inquiring after your employees only once a year? 

Written by: Lucas Peter- Co-founder
Edited by: Team Lotss

As per Bersin by Deloitte, a leading resource on matters of research-based information, advisory consulting and training, “employee engagement has become the top issue on the minds of business leaders, directing us to an entirely new model of management.”

As part of the team at one of London’s most coveted hotels, my team and I were subjected to employee engagement surveys once a year and I cannot help but think about their effectiveness.

At this property, not only did they change owners but also changed two different general managers and the director’s replacement had not been hired for quite a few months – all within the span of a year’s time. As an employee, how was I to exercise my judgement on employee engagement for a company that was now vastly different to the one I had chosen to work for initially? These questions linger still and have led me to believe that there must be solutions for employee engagement, especially within erratic conditions.

At Lotss, we have created a series of weekly ‘pulse’ surveys – quick, snappy and concise, they are designed to allow the management to instantly assess their staff’s performance, productivity and other patterns. Research too backs up my personal experience – employee engagement surveys must be conducted often and here is why:

1.     Engagement is way too low
According to Gallup, the US based management consulting firm, only a mere 32% of the workforce is engaged at work. There has only been a 0.5% increase in this since 2015 and while we can assume it may increase, it could not have been by much, even in 2017.

2.     Millennials
Millennials are everyone’s favourite buzzword – I’m sure you have discussed them before and will do so again. They also make up a large percentage of our workforce. This generation is the largest workforce of today and the numbers only continue to increase. Employee engagement must be tailored to them – one of the novel specificities of this generation is their likelihood to quick technology consumption resulting in near-instant feedback and ratings. Research also depicts that they are driven by open communication, great company culture, involvement with causes and achieving purpose and fulfilment. At Lotss, we want employees to rate their week as they would after watching a movie or visiting a hotel or restaurant. With the ‘pulse’ survey feature, we let them score their week and leave comments. Management can analyse this data via average ratings and extract most common comments or frequently used words. As a result, this data can help management strategize to increase productivity, efficiency, satisfaction or any other metric in line with their KPI’s.

3.    Understanding your team
We have already discussed the importance of data and using those patterns to better understand your team. Companies like Google or Facebook gather data every second on consumer behaviour and preferences. Imagine, if they were to only gather such data once a year? What do you learn about your company if you only look at it annually? Not much at all, right?

That is why it is important to understand your teams and focus on your success and failure, strengths and weaknesses but also, take into account the voice of your employees. We can guarantee you will gain tremendous insight. Lotss gives you that opportunity without the hassle of physically arranging a brainstorming session – just ask your employees through the app for suggestions on how to improve their daily operations. The results will speak for themselves!

4.     Give your colleagues feedbacks
Employees crave feedback too! It is not just for the management. David Hassel at 15five mentions that 98% of employees who receive little to no feedback are disengaged. He suggests that even providing feedback on their weakness will engage employees 20 times more as opposed to not receiving any feedback. The number increases up to 30 times when giving feedback on strengths. In addition to feedback, it is important to celebrate and share success and share it internally. We at Lotss endorse sharing instant news and success with your whole team, made easier through the app.

5. Analytics
Once you have the data on hand, you can dig deeper and understand what each employee is motivated by, and the impact their motivation has on your KPI’s. For a better understanding, see the video below featured in the Harvard Business Review by Sean Graber.


6. Lotss of technology
Josh Bersin, of Bersin by Deloitte fame, states that “the traditional annual engagement survey is going the way of the dinosaur (slowly, however) and a new breed of pulse tools, feedback apps, and anonymous social networking tools has arrived.” Embrace this new trend and don’t miss out on an opportunity to make your company more efficient.

In addition to the pulse survey feature, Lotss offers the same functions to audit your services and your health and safety environment.

Let’s all work together to ensure that in 2017, the employee engagement rate increases far more that the merely 0.5%!


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