Internal Connectivity Technologies: Productive or not?

Written by: Prachi Chhabria- Co-founder
Edited by: Team Lotss

In the last decade or so, we have adopted plenty of progressive new communication technologies in the form of Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and others. Quite simply, they have forever altered the industry by offering such dynamic solutions. By developing similar software for businesses and enhancing them along the way to improve productivity along with communication, many companies have taken a cue from the above-mentioned industry leaders. Basic features resemble a social media-esque function, where users are free to post, like or comment on others’ posts, create sub-groups to target them for specifics like operations or hierarchy related information, conduct surveys or opinion polls, and share task updates. Moreover, the adoption of these technologies shows that the business world has now accepted the need for such platforms. Benefits include employee engagement, boosting team morale and a certain amount of investment in employees. Strategies are then aligned with such platforms to achieve ROI.

Businesses are adopting these technologies for various reasons, mainly employee engagement, motivation and satisfaction, which in turn increase productivity and customer satisfaction – which certainly is the end goal. However, the question remains – how does having an app allow people to share various thoughts and opinions ultimately increase their current productivity level? At Lotss, we began conducting some research in the area, speaking to staff members in companies who use such apps. To cite examples; one such candidate was at managerial level, and says, “we use it to share articles that pertain to our business, other than that we don’t really use it”. In contrast, staff members within the operations field said that while the company had adopted the app over six months ago, they hadn’t utilised any of the features even once as they were afraid that colleagues might denounce posts which in turn could have a direct impact on their work. This got us thinking. If these technologies are meant to be promoting engagement but hardly utilised, what is the point? How best can we enhance this software to ensure usage?

We at Lotss have discovered that to use these apps, they must be in direct correlation to your work, i.e. increase productivity. Lotss, posing to be a mobile companion can enhance your daily duties, assist you while carrying them out and allow management to monitor such tasks digitally allowing them to spend more time with the customer.
How so, you ask?

  • To begin, firms must use such technologies to share information that affects everybody at work on a daily basis, where they can refer to this portal for knowledge or news about their job.
  • At Lotss, we have also added a feature where management can create checklists via the portal. These can be digitally completed while on shift, ensuring accountability and daily usage. This feature can also be used to conduct surveys, assess knowledge and expertise, feedback and gather opinions.
  • Administering regular, brief training sessions via the platform and uploading related documents such as operating procedures; which staff can refer to for completing their work can enhance productivity. Having all your work documents on the go with you and in one place, carefully segregated, can not only save time, money and but also help companies go green.

With this accomplished, it gives management more time to spend on strategic goals and customers, reducing the need to spend money and time training or sharing information. It adds a layer of context to the content sharing rather than posting something arbitrary.

Maybe you think that all of this is accomplished through email. Why invest in an app? Because an app is on the go and it segregates information based on functions, whereas an email inbox merely to shares information. Additionally, such software provides employee data, their usage and operational behaviours, allowing analysis to optimise operations.

The key to recognising if a particular software is apt for your business or company is by exploiting its features for daily usage. How can we use these features to enhance work, increase productivity, boost morale, and increase engagement? When you have aligned your operational goals along with such technologies, that’s when you’ve recognised its potential and can finally begin to measure ROI.


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