Connecting the Deskless

Written by: Lucas Peter, Co-founder
Edited by: Team Lotss

While sitting on a desk with a computer in front of us, all the information required to complete a task on hand is instantly accessible, almost effortlessly so. However, when we are on the move (as is the case so often in industries such as hospitality, retail, medicine) and aren’t strapped to our desks – it is much more challenging.

Of course, there are systems in place – we create email threads, have shared Dropbox folders, e-learning platforms to conduct training and so on. As an employee of one company, this amounts to a large handful of apps (and usernames and passwords) to use to achieve seamlessness – or, at least the appearance thereof.

At Lotss, we aim to become the lifting ground for all of your company’s ongoings. To make things easier, we have condensed all the essentials to one handy platform. And because we are always listening, we plan to roll out added features along the way too.

To ensure that your colleagues ‘Love the Process’, we follow a few essential steps:

1. The Starter Pack 2.0
A new employee has a lot to learn in a very short amount of time –
perhaps a lot of papers are handed to him/her during induction along with an ocean of information. With Lotss, this part becomes a whole lot easier. Since we digitise the starter pack, all you need to do is send them a link with their login details as soon as they complete the formalities. Through this method, your new employee will be aligned with the company’s expectations even before their first day on the job!

2. Always On-The-Go
The best part about the starter pack is that is always accessible – even when phones are offline.
Jeanne Meister speaks of millennials as new workers as digital natives in a recent article on Forbes. She insists that these digital natives want digital experiences in their personal life, as well as their professional lives. Through Lotss, the employee is made aware of company ongoings and is better prepped for the week ahead. This feature ensures a smoother workflow, clear communication channels and uniformity across the teams.

3. Induction and more
At Lotss, we firmly believe that learning never stops. An induction training is often an on-going process. A new employee may undergo the required training which tends to stop after they start work. But what happens after a couple of months on-the-job? That is why we believe that is always necessary to have colleagues review company guidelines and procedures frequently. All it takes is a push of a Lotss button – simply plan the induction and schedule a push notification during the year to remind your employees of it.

4. Learn from the field
Employee experience often plays a massive role in the overall success of a company. As employees, we are always learning from our colleagues around us – which is a great way to improve.

Susan Peters, Senior VP of Human Resources at General Electric echoes our sentiment. She says, “We define employee experience simply as seeing the world through the eyes of our employees, staying connected, and being aware of their major milestones.”
Lotss also includes a Pulse Survey feature (see previous post for details) wherein you can collect data from the team and identify what can be done better.

This feature demonstrates team empowerment, of course, it is a great way to show them that, you as an employer are proactive to their concerns, to show them that their experience matters and is valued, and lastly, that studying their experience and suggestions can be a game-changer for everyone around. How is that for two birds, one stone?

Don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself.



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